Pre-Ballet (Ages 3 – 5) Baby Ballet, Pre-Primary Ballet, Primary Ballet
A beginner’s course designed to introduce Kids to the magical world of classical Ballet, Haven’t they always wanted to be a ballet dancer? This course is designed to help kids to prepare their physiques and postures through the very basics of classical ballet exercises.

Elementary Ballet Grade 1 – Grade 8 (Ages 6 and up)
The course will introduce students to the theatrical dance of Classical Ballet. Taught by professional Teachers This the course will teach ballet technique through the study of stylized movements and positions. This course provides a solid foundation for students who wish to continue their dancing ability to a higher level.

Jazz Kids (Ages 6 -8)
In this class children are introduce to the art of dance. Students work toEstablish body awareness, Flexibility, Coordination and Basic motor skills. It will help to achieve strong body placement and posture, control of movement and promote self-discipline. Basic positions of the feet and arms, proper alignment, Jazz vocabulary, barre exercise and center work will be taught. Music, fun and games all while learning too.  Children will learn everything from basic body movements to using their imagination and coordination.

Jazz Juniors (Ages 9-11)
This Class are designed for students having 0-2 years of structured dance since the age of 5. Class will focus on teaching basic body isolations of the head, shoulders, ribcage, feet and arms and will layer jazz style over the traditional technique of ballet. Students will master basic jazz steps including kick ball change, step ball change and jazz runs. Emphasis will be placed on developing rhythmic awareness individual expression and the use of the body as rhythmic percussive instrument. This class is designed as an introduction to basic jazz technique, focusing on basic jazz positions, turns, jumps, & leaps. Students will also learn center and locomotor progressions as well as proper stretching techniques to enhance strength & flexibility.

Jazz Teens Beginner (Ages 12 and up)
An introduction to jazz dance technique that enables the student to gain an intellectual and kinetic understanding of the basic elements of this dance form. Designed for students ages 12 and older with minimal or no previous dance experience. This class is designed as an introduction to basic jazz technique, focusing on basic jazz positions, turns, jumps, & leaps. Students will also learn center and locomotor progressions as well as proper stretching techniques to enhance strength & flexibility.

Jazz Teen Intermediate (Ages 12 and up)
A continuation of Jazz Teen Beginner or another intermediate jazz level with more emphasis on technique of turns, rhythm, style and coordination. Designed for students ages 12 and older with previous dance experience. The classes focus on technical skill and performance quality. These disciplined classes are best suited for students with 2-4 years of structured dance experience. They should be familiar with introductory dance terminology and be comfortable with demonstrating dance steps. .

Jazz Teens Advance (Ages 12 and up)
These levels are structured for students who have danced a minimum of 5 years Dance experience. Emphasis is placed on learning more complex dance combinations while developing style within each dance form. Classes are geared for the advanced level dancer and provide instruction on perfecting skills and performance technique.

Contemporary Beginner (Ages 12 and up)
An excellent introduction to contemporary dance for those with no previous dance experience. This class focuses on the basic principles of dance addressing alignment, increased flexibility and rhythm.

Contemporary Intermediate (Ages 12 and up)
A class for those with at least two years' dance experience who wish to further develop their skills. A class for those with a little dance experience who may be returning to dance after a long time. The class focuses on floor work and travelling with an emphasis on complex dance sequences.

Contemporary Advance (Ages 12 and up)
Advanced class is for experienced dancers with a strong contemporary technique who are looking to enhance their movement skills. This class is great for experienced dancers and professionals.

Tap Dance (Ages 7 and up)
Tap dance was developed in the United States during the 19th century and is very popular nowadays around the world. The name comes from the tapping sound made when the small metal plates on the dancers shoes touch a hard surface. Tap Dance Starts from Level 1 to level 9 and the professional Level

Classical Thai Dance (Ages 5 and Up)
Thai dance means the art of dance or structure of dance which human creates with delicacy and grace to entertain and arouse the emotion of the audience. This kind of art uses music and singing to enhance the value. We also call sing and dance art.
Classical Thai dance is unique, full of Thai in itself. It is national art which is not repeated or same with other countries. It is regarded as the national culture that we are proud of.
Our Thai dance are divided into 3 Group Level the Thai Dance for Kids (Ages 5 - 8) Thai Dance for Juniors (Ages 9 – 11) then the Thai Dance for Teens and Adults (Ages 12 and up).

Hip Hop Kids (Ages 6-8)
This high-energy dance class is enjoyed by both boys and girls who want to learn the latest urban dance steps that are influenced by some of today’s hottest video choreographers presented in an age appropriate manner. Elements include proper conditioning and warm-up, individualized dance steps and full-bodied combinations. Dancers will love learning these expressive dance steps while dancing to their favorite songs.

Hip Hop Juniors (Ages 9 -11)
No previous dance experience necessary to join this high energy dance class. Hip hop consists of individualized dance steps put together to create quick dance combinations set to age appropriate popular music. Students have so much fun, they do not even realize they are learning one of the most complex dance forms around!

Hip Hop Teens Beginners (Ages 12 and up)
For students with little or no prior experience, Hip Hop Beginner starts of students with the basic technique such as isolations, groove, bounce, and attitude. Progressing at a comfortable pace, students get to enjoy learning basic techniques and applying them into simple choreography.

Hip Hop Teens Intermediate (Ages 12 and up)
Known as the 'extension of Beginner Course', Intermediate Level is for students who wish to continue on a more basic pace before proceeding to Advance.
Along with foundation, a musicality is strongly emphasized in Intermediate Course. Students are also taught variations and extension, along with the art of freestyling and combining basic techniques. Students are recommended to start from the Beginner Course. Students with special Talent and great musicality are welcome to join this class . Also students with At least 1 year experience of hip hop class with a instructor. This class is a combination of hip hop routines with proper introduction of various blockings and patterns. Individual freestyle in hiphop style is also thought in this class. This class is the Preparation for the advance level.

Hip Hop Teens Advance (Ages 12 and Up)
In this class Students are ready to compete and perform in public and have the special ability and skills to comply and explore their creativity in hiphop. Freestyling,signature moves and teamwork are thought in this class. Advance blockings and patterns.This can be the preparation for competition and dance battles. In this class faster tempo and quick change of choreography even doubling the step on each beat count is normal. Sharpness and synchronization is featured in this class.

B-Boy Kids (Ages 6 – 8) and B-Boy Juniors (Ages 9 – 11) Safe
With the safety environment and proper knowledge of the instructors your kids will be thought basic uprock and toprock only, in-short this class will be focus on the foortwork musicality and self creativity of the kids. Classes are fun, relaxed, and a great way to keep your child in shape while they get to learn some of the hottest dance moves around. Safety measures is a must in this class. Totally 100% safe! This is an Intro Class so we won't have them spinning on their heads, they will only be doing light, easy footwork.

B-Boy Teens Beginner - (Ages 12 and Up)
Students who wish to know more of the basic technique and foundations of Bboying. Course covers basic toprock, footwork and freezes. Pace of lesson is dependant on overall cohort of the class, thus able to cater to all Beginner students with or without prior experience in bboying. You will learn how to uprock, how to do your footwork and how to use transitions / drops to transfer between your uprock and your footwork. We will also teach you about how to add a unique style to your dance moves. You will learn how to move your hands and coordinate your body in such a way that will be sure to impress the crowds.

B-Boy Teens Intermediate - (Ages 12 and Up)
Venturing at a faster pace, Intermediate lessons require students to have a minimal understand and control of basic techniques. Basic variations and extensions are taught during this course, together with minimal choreography. Cyphers are common, ensuring students utilize techniques well. Classes revolves around basic extensions and variations of toprocks, go-downs, footwork, freezes and basic swipes.

B-Boy Teens Advance - (Ages 12 and Up)
At a competitive level, Bboying Advance Open classes are taught at a very fast pace, with emphasis on individual style, flavour and most importantly technique. Classes are open, thus expect a very technical and challenging curriculum from each lesson.

B-Boy Powermoves - (Ages 12 and Up)
Strictly Only Powermoves (Spin moves). Basic Swipes, Windmills, Flares and combinations are taught in this course. Drills revolve around basics techniques to better prepare students for powermoves. Other powermoves includes: Jackhammers, UFOs, 1990s, 2000s and Airflares.

Cover Dance (Ages 12 and Up)
In this course you will be introduced in commercial dancing, famous steps and choreography popularized by the famous pop band and pop stars in Asia, UK and United states. It is the mixture of various dancing including Jazz, street, dance, hip hop, punk. It is a contemporary popular dancing style. This enables you to imitate the dancing style of Famous artists both from music video and concert, which gives you a touch of professional artists without any basic skills.

DANCERCISE Latin Dance – for TEENS and ADULTS (Ages 16 and up)
Five different latin dances workout to get you through your fitness.Salsa, Cha cha, Merengue, Samba and Rhumba your way to fit your body.This cardio dance section are non stop to keep your heart rate up and burn fat.If you want shapely legs and a strong core this is the ticket.Challenge your mind as well as your body. Instructors will guide you through up beat warm up and calming cooldowns.Incorporate breathing techniques that lengthen your muscles while relieving tensions and stress.

DANCERCISE Jazzercise – for TEENS and ADULTS (Ages 16 and up)
Jazzercise is a fitness program that combines elements of jazz dance into aerobic exercise.Consists of a series of dance routines set to popular music. If you want to get fit and toned and weight loss is your goal then Jazzercise is for you. Get the body that you want ,Come Jazzercise with us.Come swing your hips, drop those pounds and shake what your momma gave ya at JAZZERCISE!!!...workout the days stress with us but have fun while doing it. This workout will take you to the next level.

Clothing and shoe items are available for purchase at the Danz Steps front desk.

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